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Baseline Technology LtdAffordable Shimadzu LC6 HPLC system - £1250

Complete system offering the ability carry out a wide variety of isocratic applications using a C18 HPLC column (included). Whether an entry level HPLC or an additional HPLC to your lab to take the workload from your existing systems, this Shimadzu system is fully serviced offering excellent reliability.

Shimadzu HPLC system Shimadzu LC6 HPLC Shimadzu HPLC

System comprises of:

Shimadzu LC-6A Isocratic pump
Shimadzu SPD-6A Variable UV Detector
Shimadzu CR-5A Integrator
Rheodyne 7125 Manual injection HPLC valve
C18 HPLC column
Manual injection syringe
Fully serviced with a month rtb warranty. Other warranty options available.
Installation options available from £350.
Price £1,250