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PT Range - oil free ultra-low noise - New

Data Sheet Data Sheet

Model Specification List Price
PT5 0.75Hp 110 l/min 4 litres £555
PT8 0.75Hp 110 l/min 8 litres £605
PT15 0.75Hp 110 l/min 15 litres £625
PT24 0.75Hp 110 l/min 24 litres £640
PT50 1.50Hp 220 l/min 50 litres £860


With ultra low noise, from only 54 dB(A) and 100% oil free operation, the PT range delivers a low maintenance solution to ultra-quiet oil free compressed air. Compressors are available in a choice of receiver and pump formats to ensure that the one chosen is perfectly adapted to the application.

Ideal for Pneumatic Control Systems, Scientific Laboratories, Staple Guns, Picture Framing, Autoclaves, Veterinary Dental Carts, Drink Dispensing, Door Opening, Exhibition Stands – and anywhere low maintenance oil-free air is required.

* minimal maintenance * no oil level to check * ultra low noise when running * compact and ready to use * made in the UK

PT has been designed with quality at the forefront – the elegant motor cover is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it provides user protection from the hotter parts of the compressor while ensuring perfect air circulation for optimum performance.

Anti-corrosion, internally coated receivers are fitted across the range (excluding PT5), prolonging the life of the receiver and ensuring that the air delivered is contamination free. All of the PT range runs off a single phase 240v supply and come with a standard 3 pin plug for the UK and Euro plug where requested.

For an even lower maintenance solution, all of the PT compressors can be fitted with an auto-drain – avoiding the manual draining of condensate in the receiver.