After Sales & Support

Labstock specialise in quality used laboratory equipment purchases & sales, including, HPLC, GC, Balances, Oven, Incubators and Hotplates.

We specialise in gas and liquid chromatography instrument modules or systems complete.

With a full after sales service for installation, telephone advice, training, service and repair, we offer a complete package from beginning to end taking the problem of the scenario "do I have everything I need to begin work". Forgetting that gas supply or system part can be an embarrassing cost. We have a technical service group with an established and experienced background in chromatograph service, operation and methods.

Chromatography instruments are first serviced and tested for operation with replacement parts fitted as required and a work sheet provided showing performance results such as flow rate accuracy, wavelength/detection, temperature setting etc. They can then be sent or installed at your premises.

All of our instruments come with warranties which can be extended and we offer advice on installation or carry out the installation ourselves showing you through the system when complete.

All HPLC and GC items are in stock and can be viewed in our showroom or demonstrated to you. We do not advertise HPLC or GC equipment we don't have, our Website is updated monthly and if the item you require is not shown please contact us as we may have a unit on stock or due in.

Additional service cover - follow this link to Baseline Technology Ltd, our associate service company.

General laboratory equipment

We also supply a good range general equipment which is tested prior to shipping and a warranty.