Adam Balances

TBB2610SRange - TBB Triple Beam Balances

Details - The TBB - Triple Beam series are low cost mechanical balances, which meet the requirements for high precision and reliable weighing in laboratories, schools and industry.

Low cost and simple to use
Rigid construction for durability
Notched and tiered graduated beams with centre reading
Ruler for measuring cm
Security bracket
Large stainless steel pan

Magnetic damping for faster stability
Zero adjust facility to enable zero reading
Stainless steel weighing pan
Weight holders for storing additional weights
Tripod legs for density determination included
Lock down mounting slot for Kensington™ type lock and cabl


Model - TBB2610S 0.1g - 2610g Platform/Pan Size 152mm Ø
Price - £82

Model - TBB2610T 0.1g - 2610g Platform/Pan Size 152mm Ø
Price - £88