Adam Balances

IHS 1Range - IHS Crane Scale

Details - The IHS crane scales offer durable easy-to-use weighing with smart features that take the hassle out of suspension weighing. With a range of capacities to suite different needs the IHS crane scales works for many different applications.

•Selectable readability for different environments
•Large red LED display
•Rechargeable battery for up to 150 hours of usage
•Colour coded, sealed keypad
•External calibration
•Simple user-friendly operation

•360° rotational hook
•Remote control for easy operation
•Robust metal die cast housing
•Easy access to the rechargeable battery
•Full range tare


Model - IHS 1 200g - 1000Kg Platform/Pan Size
Price - £550

Model - IHS 3 500g - 3000Kg Platform/Pan Size
Price - £625

Model - HIS 5 1Kg - 5000Kg Platform/Pan Size
Price - £725

Model - HIS 10 2Kg - 10000Kg Platform/Pan Size
Price - £875